Brad Feld on How to Deal with Email After a Long Vacation

brad-feldMy Newsle service spotted this post by Brad Feld about his recommended approach to dealing with missed email: ignore it and re-engage with your email stream afresh upon your return. I completely agree; that’s was the same conclusion I came to after my summer vacation in 2013.

Brad ends his post by saying:

I’m always looking for other approaches to try on this, so totally game to hear if you have special magic ones.

This resonates with me because my focus right now is on how the XDI semantic data interchange protocol can give us a new form of messaging that we’ve never had before—something that gives us new and better ways of handling messages that either email or texting give us today.

Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to Brad Feld on How to Deal with Email After a Long Vacation

  1. Can you help me? I’ve had site on Google’s Blogger platform for 7 years, now with 900+ posts, began as Then pointed two urls to it: and

    I have 2 gmail accounts rarely use…and used a yahoo email to sign into to post and people would see the posts which every domain used.

    On Mar 18th Google elected “One email sign in for everything” with no prior warning. It’s one of my gmails…my site it still visible from any of the three associated urls, I can’t sign into with the email always used or the one Google decided should be my main email.

    They did the same with Google Docs etc. If you know a way to get into my site that would be great. Google is providing zero assistance. I’m moving everything off their sites asap.

    Thann you.

    • Suzanne, I wish I could help but Google keeps evolving and the rules keep changing. If possible, try to add your other Gmail account as an alias to the one Gmail account you can use and see if that works (or if not, what troubleshooting help they provide). It’s still amazing to me that you can’t reach a live human with regard to problems with their consumer services.

      • frenchheart says:

        Nice of you to reply, thank you. They may own the free platform, but I own the domains that they’ve basically stolen, there is no support, it’s very upsetting, and undemocratic. I have a whole new view of Google, and am going to move everything to private platforms with customer service, and use Bing. Thanks again.

      • Suzanne, I strongly agree with you. That’s what our work at Respect Network is about — freeing you up to own your own data, identity, and relationships, and keep them portable for life.

        More power to you.

      • frenchheart says:

        Thank you, I’ve signed-up to received new posts via email–which I will look forward to. Freedom from The Bahstards.

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