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Buzzumi + Twitter = World Wide Video Chat Service

In the history of this blog I don’t think I’ve ever published a press release — from anyone. Why make an exception now? Because this isn’t an ordinary press release. I first met Dan Marovitz when we were speakers together … Continue reading

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Connect.Me: One Month In

Trust is a very delicate matter — especially online, where most if not all of the cues (location, appearance, diction, body language) we use to make trust decisions in the physical world are absent. To make matters worse, the rampant … Continue reading

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Support for this

I’m an advisor to the project led by Dan Whaley. If you care about the subjects on this blog, I implore you to do two things: Watch Dan’s 5 minute video introducing (at the top of the Kickstarter project … Continue reading

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Love, Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I hate it when life gets so busy there’s not time for blog posts. They start to stack up mentally in a queue like unread books. Since the holidays are still too far away to look to them for spare … Continue reading

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Update on Personal Event Networks: The Evented API Spec

As a follow-on to my post about Personal Event Networks last week, Phil Windley and Sam Curren have published the Evented API Specification. Phil’s blog post about it gives a good summary, but if you’re a developer just go straight to … Continue reading

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He Was Da Man

From the Apple website, 2011-10-05

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Phil Windley on Personal Event Networks

Phil Windley has a new post called Personal Event Networks: Building the Internet of Things. The idea is simple but highly compelling: what if the range of products and services you used could actually talk to each other, over the … Continue reading

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The Height of Insidiousness

On January 19 I did a short post titled I am so ready to get rid of these. It was about blog spammers winning the war against WordPress’s Akismet spam filter. What enraged me most is that if a comment … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs & The Courage of Great Design

There have been many tributes to Steve Jobs over the past few days but I found this short one by Bob Blakley to be particularly eloquent. All I know is that the company headed by this man has created the … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to J.K. Rowling

For me, it all ended — magnificently — in the cozy confines of the Empire Theatre on Block Island, RI. Having raised our two boys reading Harry Potter books out loud, and seeing several of the movies on various July … Continue reading

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Fire in the Firehose

When I see a tweet with a title like 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue I want to run screaming. As if we need any more clueless content clogging the Internet firehose. There’s a reason … Continue reading

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Super Super 8

J.J. Abrams brings the same Red Bull energy and Maserati plot to Super 8 as he did to 2009’s Star Trek (the movie that compelled me to start adding film notes to my blog). But it feels much more intense … Continue reading

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The Keys to the Keys

Craig Burton has penned another crystalline piece called How to Spot an Unnecessary Identity Fail (after his previous piece, How to Divine the Bovine, this is starting to sound like a field guide to identisaurus). His key point: we’ve had … Continue reading

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Craig Burton Divines the Bovine

There are few people I have met in my career who can distill complex topics down to their very essence. Craig Burton is one of them. His Burton Ubiquity Matrix, about which he gave a great session at the last … Continue reading

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Shift Giving to Nature

I have been super heads-down in the last month with the pre-beta launch of Connect.Me (yes, I know it sounds funny, there’s not even into the real beta yet and there was still a great deal to announce at IIW, EIC, and … Continue reading

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Privacy is nuanced

I saw Joe Andrieu at the Personal Data 2.0 Workshop this past week and he just did a post about privacy that makes a very important point: “public” and “private” are not black and white. They are highly nuanced and … Continue reading

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When Josh Spector posted a link to this commercial…

…it was before the triple disaster hit Japan. Now visit his blog and watch this commercial and see how powerful it is now. Thanks Josh. And thanks to Ernesto Diaz for tweeting about it.

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The Connect.Me Blog

With Connect.Me finally having a public-facing beta signup process, even though we’re otherwise still in stealth, we’ve started a Connect.Me blog to start explaining what Connect.Me the company is about. The first post explains our overall focus on personal data … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Irony Machine strikes again. The stealth startup that’s been my singular focus since stepping down as Executive Director of Open Identity Exchange and the Information Card Foundation last fall, called Respect Network, took one tiny peek above … Continue reading

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Doc Tallies the State of VRM

I recently posted on how VRM is moving from theory to practice, but if you want a sense of just how many signs there are, check out Doc Searl’s post on The State of the VRooM. (And that’s not even … Continue reading

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