Comments turned off, i-name turned on

I think it’s pretty ironic that it took Kim Cameron adding his i-name to his blog (see the right-hand frame below “Recap of the Laws of Identity”) to show me how turn off comment spam. I don’t know about others, but I started receiving it almost the day I started my blog. Drives me nuts because the email that should be the MOST relevant — comments directly on your blog posts — is actually the most irritating.

It took only about a minute to add a Comments link to my i-name contact page (see the upper right-hand corner). Now any comment can be authenticated by my i-broker, 2idi, automatically. Not quite as handy as a direct trackback, but it eliminates comment spam completely, and I like to hear directly from anyone who’d interested enough to comment.

Other good ideas about using i-names in the blogosphere? Let me know via my i-name contact page at =Drummond. (Now you know where the name of the blog came from.)


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