The Personal XDI Server

Andy Dale posted another head-banger on his Tao of XDI blog about personal XDI servers. It sounds like science fiction, but no one knows better than Andy and ooTao how real it is becoming with their alpha XDI code.

I could spend all day sharing the thoughts that Andy’s post sets off like fireworks, but I have to blog one Piccolo Pete he set off on the phone with me just now: the XDI watch. “Why on earth would I want a personal XDI server on my watch?” I asked him. “To tell you what you really want to know when you look at it,” he replied. “Not what time it is, but what you need to do next, and when.”

As a dues-paying member of the Clan of the Perpetually Tardy, I gasped. What better place to have all my schedules in all my contexts (family, work, sports, social) sync’d up than on my watch?

With one protocol to share and sync this data between every person and community on the Social Web, suddenly I can see this science-fiction scenario coming to a Best Buy near you within the next 5 years.

Or less. After all, how much would you pay for a watch that could do that? (Seiko, are you listening?)


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