I-Names Get Real

I should have suspected this — we finally get to the biggest inflection point in the evolution of i-names and I’m too busy to blog about it.

Oh well, that’s life. In less than two hours we finally flip the switch on the first user-centric digital address registry. See the news at http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060620/nytu091.html?.v=54

The ceremony itself is going to be the simultaneous popping of a dozen champagne bottles (some non-alcoholic) representing the first 7 i-brokers (see the list), 4 XRI registry infrastructure developers (XDI.org, Cordance, NeuStar, and AmSoft), and 1 for the users of the world to whom this is all dedicated (and whom we’re asking Doc Searls to represent. After all, as Paul Trevithick put it in a session this morning, all of us in user-centric identity ultimately “work for Doc”.)

My hope is that this is one more tangible step in the road to Doc’s vision of Internet identity infrastructure that truly empowers all of us as users.


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