Doc on the Data Bubble and how VRM Will Pop It

I’m biased but I think this post is one of Doc Searl’s best about VRM and what’s going to compel it forwards. It’s about the July 31 Wall Street Journal article about behavioral tracking on the net.

He’s been preaching that a paradigm change is coming and he’s dead right (hint: see PDS). That’s why I’m travelling all the way to Boston for the VRM+CRM conference Aug 26/27 in Boston. This despite my standing rule of NO CONFERENCES IN AUGUST. (Damn fool Americans need to learn from the Europeans about how to enjoy life, especially summer, especially in Seattle.)

But I’m making an exception this year (and also for the Privacy Identity Innovation 2010 conference, which is easy because it’s in Seattle) because this paradigm shift is so important.

And because it’s one of the key breakthroughs that user-centric identity has been developed to enable.


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