Phil Windley on XDI

Phil Windley, co-founder and CTO of Kynetx (among the many hats he wears), wrote his own rules language, KRL, to “program the Web”. So when Phil writes the following about XDI after he and his team did a two-day deep dive on XDI with XDI4J project founder Markus Sabadello and I, it means a lot.

I haven’t been posting much about XDI because the OASIS XDI Technical Committee (which I co-chair) is still working on the XDI 1.0 technical specs. But since our philosophy has been to code everything in at least one implementation first before committing it to a spec, and since the core XDI graph model and metagraph model are now very solid, by the time the specs come out there will already be multiple operational XDI services.

I hope to finally get time to do many more posts about XDI this fall. In the meantime if you want to learn more, ping me about different ways to get involved.


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