Phil Windley's PDX Principles

IIW (Internet Identity Workshop) continues to amaze me. I just returned from the first IIW East in Washington D.C. and I spent much of the plane ride back thinking about and acting on the conversations I had there over the past two days. It just goes to show the power of Open Space conferences, especially as put on by a master like Kaliya.

For his part, co-host Phil Windley noted that there were so many sessions on the topic of personal data stores that it practically seemed like the theme of the conference (the actual theme was “Open Identity for Open Government”). So Phil wrote a post about PDX Principles: his list of what will be required for a successful ecosystem. I very much agree with everything he posted and want to elaborate on several of these principles, but need sleep first. With luck I’ll do a followup this weekend — this is a topic I plan to do much more writing about.


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