Kaliya's Vision and Principles for a Personal Data Ecosystem

The irony is that the two hosts of IIW — and two of the people I work most closely with in the industry — both decided on the heels of the IIW East that just took place last Thursday and Friday in Washington D.C. to post their Principles for a ecosystem of personal data stores.

Phil Windley, co-founder and CTO of Kynetx (among many other hats), posted his PDX Principles last Friday. I blogged about them here.

Kaliya Hamlin (aka IdentityWoman), chief evangelist for Identity Commons (among other hats), posted her Vision and Principles for a Personal Data Ecosystem this weekend.

A huge +1 to both. At IIW East I described the evolution of a network of personal data stores as “the second shoe dropping” in user-centric identity. The first shoe – basic user-centric authentication and attribute exchange — is a big step forward, but its power is magnified greatly when that capability is connected to the ability of a personal data store to provide the features an individual needs in ongoing relationship management. Now we’re finally talking about a Web that can be fully social without requiring a centralized social hub.

I am increasingly focusing my efforts now on this second shoe, about which I’ll be blogging more later this month. I’m already anticipating that this fall’s IIW — which just moved to Nov 2-4 at the usual location (the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA) — will have a very strong focus on personal data stores (PDS) and personal data exchange (PDX).


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