Markus Sabadello’s XDI Personal Cloud Demo

I sure wish I had more time to blog, but with about 110% of my time is going into building the Respect Network these days, most of my posts are on the Respect Network and Connect.Me blogs.

But if you’ve been using this blog to keep track of progress on the XDI standard, then I owe it to you to point out this wonderful demo that Markus Sabadello, leader of the XDI2 open source project, created for the Internet Identity Workshop #15 week before last. It explains so much about XDI and how it works — and particularly its relevance to the emergence of personal clouds — that many of us there urged Markus to turn it into a screencast.

And now he has. It runs about 20 minutes, but that’s how much good content it covers. And it still only touches the tip of the iceburg of what’s going on with XDI. Hopefully as we enter the holidays I’ll have time to do some more posts about that.


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Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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