Gravity_PosterIt’s hard for a major Hollywood film with big stars and flashy trailers not to over-telegraph the story and under-perform the hype.

Gravity does not fit that mold.

In fact, it does not fit any mold. It is breathtakingly original on multiple dimensions—the setting, the scope of the story, the stunning visuals, in fact the very way in which it is filmed (it is going to clean up on the technical awards at the Academy this year, case closed right now). And even what it wrings out of actors we think we know well.

See it. The night sky will never look the same to you again.



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1 Response to Gravity

  1. Steve Sidner says:

    I completely agree. It was hard to remember to breathe, blink my eyes, and relax my sphincter. I look forward it to seeing it again.

    To emphasize how different it is, there are only 8 actors in the whole movie.

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